lunes, julio 16, 2012

Fuerzas Armadas proponen una marcha para impugnar la elección calls Mexican armed forces to march against Election Fraud (Or is it the other way around?)

SUNDAY, 15 JULY 2012
By: elD3monio4zul 
"Good morning, good afternoon, good evening" is the traditional greeting Ruy Salgado uses to open all of his videos in the Mexican political blog
Also known as el 5anto, Salgado called the Mexican armed forces to join the massive protests against the Election Fraud in México.
The most popular non-comercial Mexican blog,, announced on July 10th a call to the Mexican armed forces to join the national popular protests against the Mexican Election Fraud.
This call came as a response to several emails that has received from several anonymous members of the Mexican armed forces who have expressed interest in supporting the current public protests against the so called victory of Enrique Peña Nieto in the Mexican elections.
In his daily videocast on July 10th, Salgado described the facts explained to him by his sources. He explained that armed forces are not allowed to take part in public protests in full uniform. His main source (a lieutenant of the armed forces) called for a march of active members of the armed forces, supported by the various social and student movements against the election fraud, towards the Secretary of National Defence premises asking for his support to the impeachment of the Election process. Salgado added that whilst it would not be possible to have the military march in their full uniform, it would be nice if they could be clearly identified. He suggested they marched in white t-shirts, blue jeans and black boots as a way to identify themselves without recurring to their full military outfits
Salgado stressed the powerful image it would make seeing the armed forces marching "for the defence of the vote". Quoting one of his anonymous sources he set the context for such participation of troop members in the protests: "As soldiers, we have sworn to defend our country from any threat external or internal. And at these moments, our motherland is being attacked by corrupt politicians" "We are not at the service of the Government but of the people". These sentences are not only a piece of rhethoric but the legal foundations of the Mexican armed forces.

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