martes, octubre 02, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Venezuelan Foreign Minister on Iran Ties, Oil Prices, Biofuels and How the U.S. Media "Tries to Manipulate U.S. Opinion"
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez didn't come to the United Nations this week for the annual General Assembly meeting. Instead, Venezuela's foreign minister, Nicolás Maduro Moros, traveled to New York, where he will address the body this afternoon. In a U.S. national broadcast exclusive, Foreign Minister Maduro Moros joins us to talk about Venezuela's ties with Iran, oil prices, biofuels and his message to the United Nations this year. [includes rush transcript] After Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad's controversial visit to the US last week, he got a more welcome reception in two emerging Latin American allies. Ahmedinejad made brief visits to Bolivia and Venezuela to sign new bilateral accords promoting economic cooperation.
On Thursday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez welcomed Ahmedinejad at the presidential palace. Chavez had praised Ahmedinejad's handling of the criticism he received from Columbia University President Lee Bollinger.
Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela speaking in Caracas.
Ahmadinejad returned the praise.
Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, President of Iran speaking in Caracas.
Venezuela and Iran share a common foe in the White House. It's been five years since the U.S. backed a coup that briefly removed Chavez from office. Chavez" popularity remains strong -- he was re-elected one year ago with sixty percent support, his largest victory so far. We are joined for the rest of the hour by Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolás Maduro Moros. He is in New York for the annual gathering of world leaders at the UN General Assembly. He is scheduled to address the General Assembly this afternoon.
Nicolás Maduro Moros, foreign minister of Venezuela.

To read the complete note and the rush transcript HERE.

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